Become a Host Family

We are always recruiting for host families in zones 1-4 of London. Host families need not comprise a “family” in the traditional sense. The most important criteria is that you can provide a safe, warm and welcoming environment in a suitable standard of accommodation (within your own home).

The profile of our families varies considerably and does reflect the very multicultural nature of London. Families with children often tell us that welcoming an international student to their home has helped their own children broaden their minds and appreciate other ways of doing things. We have couples with no children or whose children have left home who enjoy the extra company and also being able to help a short term visitor settle into the country.

Host families enjoy the chance to meet new international friends. Many of them remain in contact with their guests long after they leave. Guests will sometimes return the hospitality and invite their host family to stay with them in their homes abroad. Being a host family is a great way to share our language and culture and learn more about other cultures.

The key requirements of host families as set out by the British Council are to:

Make the student feel at home and treat him/her as a member of the family rather than a paying guest.

Encourage your guest to speak English and engage with the family in social activities, such as conversation and watching TV.

Provide the student with his/her own room that includes  hanging and drawer space for clothes, and a talbe or desk for study.

Provide meals (if part of the chosen accommodation package) that are nutritious, balanced and appropriate to the student.

Ensure that the guest’s room has adequate lighting and heathing is in a good state of cleanliness and repair.

Provide adequate washing facilities and access to the bathroom as a member of the household with bath/shower to bemade available once daily.

Provide a change of linen each week and a good supply of blankets if required.


To discuss the remuneration and/or any of the above in more detail please contact us.
If you are happy, we will arrange a time to meet with you to inspect the accommodation and answer any further questions you may have.